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It was after discovering in 2020 that women pay more for their razors than men that the idea of creating a range of hair experts became obvious.

We all have 5 million hair follicles on our bodies, whose appearance, pigmentation and size are due to a hormonal response.
The nature of our hair and the speed at which it grows are therefore not determined by our gender, but are unique to each person. A reality that contradicts the hair care market, which continues to offer products that are ultra-gendered in their design as well as in their functions: generally more expensive and less technical for women, less sensory and limited to shaving for men.

It is to fight against these clichés that Marine Morel, a committed and demanding entrepreneur, in search of well-being for all, has created UNY. The first Body Hair Care brand whose mission is to deconstruct stereotypes by developing a new routine around hair: unisex, efficient and sensory.

"Our hair is part of our daily lives, it's time to talk about it. We all deserve real care and to transform this routine into a pleasant moment.

This is why we are creating a new approach to hair: Body Hair Care. "

Marine, Founder of UNY.

More gentleness, less taboos.

A daily concern for each of us, whether we are trying to care for it or get rid of it, hair deserves a range of care products that are equal to the attention we give it. Products that are sensorial, effective, well formulated, responsible and gender-neutral. Beautiful to look at, delightful to use.

More pleasure.
UNY transforms the hair routine to make all skin soft, and to make it a pleasant moment, a gesture for oneself.

More experiences.
Created to meet all needs and real uses, UNY initiates a new global approach to hair care, Body Hair Care, and opens this new era with an ultra-complete range of products dedicated to shaving, depilation and hair beauty.

Clean, sustainable products made in France.
Each formula is composed of at least 97% carefully sourced natural ingredients, each product is made in France (except for a few references for which this is not possible), the post-depilation wipes have been replaced by a universal oil, the packaging is made of compostable cardboard and all the packaging is produced in Europe.

An essential commitment for tomorrow.
After discovering that more than 20,000 tons of waste were linked to shaving each year in France, Marine created ESSENTIEL in October 2021: the first French razor blade recycling program. UNY razor blades are recycled in the North of France.
To know more about it, consult our program.