Torso hair removal for men: our 7 foolproof tips

Do you dream of a soft, hairless chest? Chest hair is not your thing? You probably want to go through the "hair removal" process. Problem: you don't know how to go about it, if at all.

Don't worry: hair removal is like taking your high school diploma or driving test. You have to learn. Yes, remember, when you were a kid, the test for your high school diploma or driver's license seemed complicated, even insurmountable. And then, as you grew up, you started taking driving lessons. 

The goal seemed more and more attainable and achievable. And in the end, you did it! 

For hair removal, it's the same thing. You're probably thinking "I'm not cut out for this", "hair removal, mmh-mmh, not for me", "I'm going to miss out for sure".. Tututut, we'll stop you right there. You can do it, and believe us, it's not as complicated as it sounds.

So let's get motivated and apply our best tips for a torso waxing for men successful torso waxing!

1. Understand the particularity of the torso area

Before we even talk abouthair removal techniques for the male torsoyou need to understand the particularities of the area in question. The torso is an area where the skin is rather thick, much thicker than that of the face or armpits. It is also less sensitive.

Another feature: it's a fairly flat and accessible area. You don't have to get a stiff neck like you do to wax your back, for example.

Conclusion: This is an easy area to wax. You can afford to use almost any hair removal method available to you! Unless you have particularly sensitive skin. In that case, you'll have to opt for a method that your skin can tolerate.

Only small drawback with the area of the chest : the nipples! You have to be careful to go around them, no matter what method you use.

2. Choose the hair removal technique that suits you

The torso hair removal techniques for menThere's no shortage of them.

Hot wax, cold wax strips, depilatory cream, razor, laserTest several of these techniques if necessary and see which one your skin reacts best to.

Then make your choice, select one technique or alternate between several methods. Do as you feel it, listen to yourself and and monitor your skin's reaction after waxing.

3. Always exfoliate your skin a few days before

L'exfoliation is something we don't do naturally in the shower, but it's essential before waxing. By gently exfoliating your torso with a natural exfoliating objectBy gently exfoliating your torso with a natural exfoliating object, you get rid of dead cells, smooth your skin texture and prepare your skin to receive care. Hair removal or shaving will be made easier. The icing on the cake is that exfoliation reduces the risk of ingrown hairs growing under the skin. 

Bingo! Our natural loofah glove will do the job perfectly. Count on its soft side for daily cleansing, and its exfoliating side to smooth your skin once a week. Be careful, you won't be able to get rid of it. You have been warned!

For a male chest hair removal without a hitch: exfoliate your chest 24 to 48 hours before proceeding. Exfoliate in the shower, using circular movements on your skin with the exfoliating side.

Good to know: Exfoliation prepares your skin for waxing, and reduces pain if you wax or epilate. It is a pre- and post-waxing treatment that should not be neglected.

Exfoliation means baby skin effect guaranteed! That's why we recommend exfoliating your entire body and face once a week. Exfoliation is not only reserved for depilated areas. 

4. Always wax on clean skin

Gentlemen, we always wax on clean skin. T-o-u-j-o-u-r-s! Before starting, clean your skin with a natural cleanser. Avoid chemical products that can irritate or sensitize your skin.

And before waxing, always wash with hot water to open the pores of the skin and soften the hair. Then dry the area with a clean towel, patting gently.

Result Less risk of irritation and infection, and easier hair removal from the torso.

5. Torso hair removal for men: how to do it

It's time to say goodbye to your chest hair! Don't panic, everything will be fine. 

For a torso hair removal for men there are some simple steps to follow. Here are the best practices for successful torso hair removal for men :

  • For hot wax :

This is THE quick and efficient technique, but a bit painful (you can't have everything either). Buy a natural oriental wax, and melt it in the microwave or in a device designed for it.

Once the wax is melted and the temperature is right for you, dip a spatula into the melted wax. Blow it out to cool it down and not burn yourself, then apply it to a small area of your chest in the direction of the hair. Let it dry for a few moments (it shouldn't stick to your fingers), then pull it off in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

Repeat the operation as many times as necessary, and refine the result with tweezers if you are a perfectionist!

Result: You'll have a flawless chest for 3 weeks. It takes about 30 minutes to remove hair from your chest, whether you do it at home or in an institute.

Cold wax strips are ideal if your sensitive skin does not react well to the heat of hot wax. The strips are small, precise and effective. The only drawback is the pain, but it goes away quickly if you press right after pulling the strip off.

Warm the cold wax strip for a few seconds by rubbing it between your hands. Apply the strip to your skin in the direction of growth. Finally, pull the strip with a sharp stroke in the opposite direction of the growth.

If there is still a little hair left, don't hesitate to use the same strip several times. No mess! Wax zone by zone and take your time. Be careful, no wax on the nipples. Apply the strip only around them. Simple. Effective. 

Last step: take a vegetable oil and apply a few drops to your skin with a cotton ball to remove the sticky wax residue.

  • For the razor:

For a precise shave and the best hygiene, apply a gel or a natural shaving natural shaving cream in a thick layer on your chest (on clean and wet skin). Without this cream, you can say hello to irritation, redness, and even small pimples.

To shave your chest, use a reusable razor for the sake of the planet.

The UNY shaver, yes, we can say it, is a competition shaver. It offers a pleasant and precise shave thanks to its 6 recyclable blades and its ergonomic handle. 

Not a single hair stands up to it! 

Friendly advice: Shave area by area, back to front, without pressing too hard on your skin. Not on the nipples, of course!

Rinse the razor after each stroke to remove excess product and hair that has become stuck in the blade. When you're done shaving, rinse your chest with water and dry it. That's it! 

Regrowth will occur within 3 to 4 days after shaving. But your hair will not grow back darker or thicker, just shaggier. 

Don't forget to change your blades very regularly (about every 7 weeks).

  • For the depilatory cream:

As painless as the razor, the depilatory cream allows you to eradicate your hair quickly and without mercy. 

Nothing could be simpler: Simply apply the cream in a thick layer and leave it on for the time indicated on the box (usually between 5 and 8 minutes). During this time, the product will dissolve and soften your hair. All you have to do is remove them by sliding the spatula over your skin.

Choose a natural cream such as the Acorelle brand. If you have eczema, recurring skin allergies, or a wound/cut on your chest: no depilatory cream. It is only used on healthy skin. If you have any doubt about the reaction of your skin, test the product on your wrist 24 hours beforehand. If your skin reacts, change your plan!

  • For the electric epilator:

An epilator can also be a solution to remove hair from the chest without too much effort.

Turn on the epilator and pass it over your skin zone by zone in the opposite direction of hair growth. Position it at 90° to your torso. The epilator will then be able to grasp and pull out the hairs correctly. Do not use it on your nipples (this is still prohibited).

L'hair removal from the male torso with an electric epilator is fast and effective, and the pain is present (similar to that caused by waxing).

  • For discoloration:

So, yes, you are thinking "what is the decolo doing here"? ? Of course, it's not a hair removal technique per se, but decoloring can help you achieve the I-have-no-hair-on-my-torsoeffect you're looking for.

Just leave the product on for a few minutes, rinse with clear, warm water, and presto! The hairs have turned white and are almost invisible (or at least, much less visible than before).

Good to know: bleaching is more suitable for light or slightly tanned skin. Yes, blond hair on dark skin shows.

6. Moisturize, again and again

Moisturize your chest. It's a matter of life and death for your skin! 

Regardless of the hair removal method you used to remove your chest hair, you must go through the moisturizing process.

Generously apply a soothing cream and nourishing cream directly after waxing. But not only that. Moisturize the area every day, morning and evening, to soothe your skin and avoid possible skin reactions.

We recommend using our universal cream, which has more than one trick up its sleeve. In addition to moisturizing and soothing, it slows and refines hair growth. What more could you ask for? We're asking you.

7. Prevent ingrown hairs

You'll have a smooth, soft, moisturized chest! But for a male chest hair removal is 100% successful, you must avoid ingrown hairs at all costs.

You know, those lazy hairs that grow under the skin, hurt us and cause pimples, even infections. 

Give me an S, give me O, give me an S! At UNY, we have created the solution to eradicate them: the SOS ingrown hair serum. It's clean, it's natural, and it's pretty damn E-F-F-I-C-A-C-E!

Apply the serum every day to your chest as a preventative measure. No ingrown hair will be able to resist it. And if by misfortune, one of theirs should come to the end of its nose, it will go back as fast as it arrived thanks to its anti-microbial action.

Male chest hair removal: laser, good or bad idea?

Among all the techniques oftorso hair removal for men that exist, laser hair removal is the most radical option, but also the most durable.

Moreover, it is not particularly painful. On the other hand, it is the price that stings a little! Count on ten sessions and between 100 and 200 € per session. Quite a budget, but well worth it.

Laser hair removal of the male torso is performed by a specialized physician or dermatologist. The session consists of 6 steps:

  • Disinfection and delimitation of the area to be depilated
  • Application of an anesthetic gel or cream
  • Shaving the torso to optimize the effectiveness of the laser
  • Destruction of the hair and its bulb zone by zone (over time) thanks to the light beam 
  • Application of a soothing cream

Laser sessions are spaced several weeks apart and only shaving is allowed between sessions. Finally, laser treatments should be avoided in the summer, or else the sun should be avoided (yes, we know, the choice is tough). 

You see, hair removal can be learned! All you have to do is find the technique that's right for you, find the right products, and then practice. 

Of course, you always have the choice of delegating this task to someone who does it for a living (beauticians specializing in torso hair removal for menor in beauty salons).

We would also like to remind you that hairiness is not a bad thing. Hair is normal, natural, human. Choosing to have chest hair or not, is above all a question of taste, and a personal choice. 

Beauty is and will remain subjective, so wax to please yourself and to feel good about your body, not to please others.

We hope that our tips formale chest hair removal will help you take action, without fear. Gentlemen, trust yourself and take care of yourself!

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Article written by Manon Antoine.

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