Body Hair Care for all

Clean, durable and unisex


We are UNY.

The first hair expert beauty brand that opens a new era with sensorial care products that finally respond to our concerns. We are deconstructing stereotypes by developing a new routine around hair: unisex, effective and clean.

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All skin types have a right to softness!

At UNY, all our products are unisex, responsible and suitable for both face and body.

Deconstructing stereotypes.
We develop gender-neutral products that respond to real issues and uses. So that women can stop being subjected to the "pink tax" and men can finally find skincare products that suit them. 

Addressing all concerns.
Fast or thick growth, irritation, redness, stains, ingrown hairs,... the UNY range gets to the root of hair problems regardless of the hair treatment techniques chosen and the area concerned.   

Transforming the hair routine into a sensory experience.
We all want to indulge ourselves with effective, beautiful and smelling skin care. The best way to encourage us to take care of our hair. 



How to wax your buttocks?

How to wax your buttocks?

We all have hair on our buttocks and around the rectum (gluteal fold). On our small buttocks, either these hairs are not very visible or they are...

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